Gears 4 Good is a small 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Monterey, CA, run by Steve Benes in his spare time. Steve fell in love with bicycles at a young age, raced through high school, college, and a bit after, and spreads his knowledge and passion for cycling wherever he can.

The goal of G4G is to provide bicycles for people who cannot afford them so they have transportation to work or school, or simply if driving is not an option. Many people cannot afford vehicles for transportation, so a bicycle is a wonderful substitute. G4G also provides training for people to maintain their bicycles, which is very rewarding. Monterey has a great path along the coast that many people use for commuting, making this an ideal organization for this community.

G4G is always seeking donations of usable bicycles, bicycle frames, and bicycle parts. Much-needed items include consumable parts, such as tires, tubes, brake and derailleur cables, brake pads, etc. All items will be thoroughly checked over and tuned before being passed on to the new owner.

We are also seeking sponsors to help with funding, storage or shop space, or local bike shops willing to donate some "tune-up time" for the bicycles if the new owners need assistance.

We are happy to provide a receipt for your tax-deductible donation.

For more information, send Steve an email: Steve@Gears4Good.org